When I woke up on the morning of this wedding in Tuscany I was seriously worried about the weather,

but as soon as I looked out to the window I quickly realized that this would be a fantastic wedding!!!

I dressed and took the equipment, driving through the Val d’Orcia and Siena landcapes to Borgo Santinovo, in the middle of Val d’Elsa.

Less known than Chianti and the Val d’Orcia, the Val d’Elsa is still full of interesting places and breathtaking landscapes.

Borgo Santinovo is one of these places! It is an old medieval village near Colle di Val d’Elsa…the perfect location for wedding in Tuscany.

I was really eager to meet Kristofer and Jeanette, a nice Norwegian couple came here to get married in Italy.

Once arrived to the wedding location, I met Luca Molli…a friend and a really good wedding photographer in Tuscany

who helped me with his photography.

The weather was perfect and temperatures mild, it was the typical summer day you can image in Tuscany…I was eager to meet Jeanette.

Entering into the borgo I found a lot friends who were setting up for the wedding, while many kids were playing around the swimming pool. There was a nice atmosphere, many friends and relatives come from far away who were waiting for the start of the ceremony.

Finally I met Jeanette and Kristoff…she had just started to make up in a part of the room with a perfect light, so I quickly took my camera and started to shoot. Kristofer was still arranging the mixer for music, in fact he told me to be a singer and that he was preparing a surprise for his future wife.

Taken confidence I started to have fun with the couple and all the guests enjoying this fantastic day.

You can see the rest of the story through my wedding photography.


Second photographer: www.lucamolli.it

Location: www.borgosantinovo.it