Wedding Photograper in Tuscany, Siena, Val d'Orcia

Professional photographer in Tuscany.

Born in 1981, I began my career in photograpy in 2005, aiming to capture the essence of the wonderful land I live in.

The breakthrough to become a professional photographer specialized in wedding was when I realized that I had nostalgia for something else to capture with my photography, so I started to study the work of the greatest photographers of reportage. I therefore found myself in between my great love for my Country and the passion for reportage. Not a bad place to get caught in between!

After working with a fellow photographer on some wedding projects in Val d’Orcia it was clear to me that this was what I was looking for… to capture the emotions, passion, action, tension and fun of the best day in somebody’s life, set in the background of the fabulous Tuscan scenery.

So here I am, ready to experience, feel and capture the most precious moments of the first day of your exciting new life together.