Wedding in Castello di Leonina – Siena

When Marco and Connie contacted me for their wedding in Castello di Leonina, near Siena, in late May I was very excited because I love this location.

What I couldn’t imagine was that it was going to be a rainy day!!!

Very often people ask me about what happens in case of rain and I answer that wedding planners, location and catering are always ready to find the best solution in case of rain.

The most important thing a couple have to do is going on to be happy and having fun!!!

Castello di Leonina is an amazing location for weddings surrounded by a fairy-tale atmosphere and Tuscany countryside postcard views.

The location is very close to Siena and is very easy to visit all the most beautiful places in Tuscany.

Getting married here is an unforgettable experience who allows to enjoy Tuscany in an unique way.

The landscape is always ready to surprise and create dreaming atmospheres even on a rainy day.

All the staff of Castello di Leonina is been great and both the couple and the guest lived the wedding as in a day without rain.

A special thanks goes to Nataly, a friend and coworker, who helped me during this difficult day.



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